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The Church That Cares

The Church That Cares


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Romans 12:9-16

I. Love must be real—v.9 Paul encourages the church to have genuine love for each other. A church that cares is a church that loves.

· D. Singer John Charles Thomas, at age sixty-six wrote to syndicated columnist Abigail Van Buren: “I am presently completing the second year of a three-year survey on the hospitality or lack of it in churches. To date, of the 195 churches I have visited, I was spoken to in only one by someone other than an official greeter and that was to ask me to move my feet.”

· Real love is more than a handshake and a smile. Real love costs, it is willing to get involved.

· When we get real with each other, we take off our masks, we share at deeper levels, we connect to each other.

II. There is devotion to each other-v.10

· The church is a place where people really care about each other. They are devoted to each other. They are accountable to each other, they call each other, do things together.