By Bishop Samuel Osei-Tutu and Foreword by Rev. Dr. Isaac Quaye

The Genesis portrait of the relationship between divinity and humanity is indicative of a full-time relationship, and not a part-time on. The creator cherishes a constant and continuous fellowship with His most precious creature without a break. This accounts for the reason why He took the initiative to bridge the gap created by sin when He came to the garden. However, the believer must understand that ensuring the maintenance of this fellowship is mandatory for his or her existence and sustenance because of the divine benefits that come with the package.

Bishop Samuel Osei-Tutu (Author)

In this book, Bishop Samuel Osei – Tutu lucidly explains the concept of Kingdom dwelling, the paramount nutrients needed to aid in perpetuating his stay in the kingdom, and meticulously outlines the benefits derived from this. If your focus in God is to abide in Him and in His will for your life, then, then KINGDOM DWELLERS furnishes you with ample tools that will facilitate that purpose.

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