The Bethel Experience

The Bethel Experience

Why do some people come to God, experience His love, power, and assurance in their lives and later leave the place where they encountered the love and power of God to a place of less or no value? Why do believers find it difficult to go back to their maker whenever they fall away from the faith?

This book, “The Bethel Experience” is aimed at helping believers who backslide from the faith to return to their first love without a feeling of guilt because of the finished work of Christ on the cross. The Bethel Experience talks about how Jacob, a supplanter, left his father’s house upon the advice of his mother after conniving with her to deceive his father for Esau’s blessing. On the way to Laban’s house, he encountered God who promised to bless him.

(Gen. 28:11-15) Jacob left the place of the promise to a land where he had to serve in order to survive and even marry. That is what happens to most of us believers. As you read you’ll see how Jacob went back to his first love, the Promised Land and how the promises of God began to manifest in his life.

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